Aperture: f/3.2
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO: 100
Shutter: 1/40 sec
Camera: NIKON D3X

“Coming back to Missery is like a love story with a happy end.”
– Rita

You can take away reminders of your idyllic stay, with a Missery mug, post cards or Patricia Delicia’s inimitable vinaigrette. Better than a T-shirt, these also make good presents for those who did not come with you!

Notes from the visitors’ book

“There can be no age limit to the enjoyment of new experiences.” Diana Tennant

“Missery is always bliss.” Paul Levy

“What a glorious weekend that was, and what a beautiful Château yours is. Thank you again for having us, I think these will be memories that everyone will cherish forever.” Camille Labro

“We had SUCH fun at Missery. We have lovely memories! And I think that if I myself can go up in a hot-air balloon on my 80th I’ll have achieved something!” Laura Calder

“A magical long birthday week end. Missery and its light spirited company at their very best. Shrieks of excitement and laughter.” Quentin Davies

“Coming back to Missery is like a love story with a happy end.” Rita

“Dear Missery, you are even more glorious in reality than in your photographs.” Bob and Ana

“When August comes and the weather’s hot, Chateau de Missery is just the spot, The Lazareffs love the chateau so, That after a week they refused to go!”

“As always, peace and tranquility with superb hospitality!” Sue Young

“A little corner of heaven and linen sheets. Complete bliss.” Chantal Langley

“Pourquoi ne peut-on pas rester pour l’éternité?” Olivia Inge